Going to Contract

When you are ready to write up a contract, the next step is to decide on the price you wish to offer the seller and under what conditions you wish to make the offer.

Common conditions of sale are:

  • subject to finance
  • a builder's report
  • sale of another property
  • solicitor's approval of the contract
  • or specialist inspection or approval.

You will be provided with details of relevant sales in the area and advised of any price guidelines that are available for the property.
The offer will be prepared on a standard REINZ Sale and Purchase agreement which is approved by the NZ Law Society. Your consultant will fill in your requirements and then ask you to sign the required number of copies. One copy will be left with you at the time of making the offer. Once this process has been completed your sales consultant will check whether any other interested parties are putting in an offer. If this is the case then you will be kept fully informed (see information on 'Multiple Offers' in the next section).
The seller can accept your offer, reject it or counter sign it. Counter signing usually occurs when the seller is not satisfied with the price offered and/or conditions included and subsequently alters them. The contract will be brought back to you for your consideration. If you accept, you initial the seller's alteration and the property is under offer to you subject to any conditions that the contract may contain. Alternatively you also have the right to counter sign. Your sales consultant will continue negotiations between you and the seller until you are both in agreement.
This process does not occur when buying at auction.