Property purchase costs

Financial fees vary greatly, depending on such matters as what percentage of the property value that you will be borrowing, the amount of the loan, the amount of the purchase and which bank you are borrowing funds from.

Possible expenses you may incur are:

  • Bank fees may include
    • Lender application fees, valuation fees, legal and settlement fees
    • Lender monthly account keeping fees (if applicable)
    • Lender "Professional Package" annual fees (if applicable)
    • Lender's Mortgage Insurance (if applicable)
    • Lender retention account fees (if applicable)
    • Title transfer, Mortgage registration fees
    • Registration of mortgage discharge (refunded by seller at settlement)
  • Solicitor's charges may include legal searches (please consult your solicitor)
  • Stamp Duty on Purchase
  • Home protection insurance
  • Miscellaneous costs (Building / pest inspections, rates, removalists, etc.)