There is alot to consider when buying a property. We aim to make the process a little easier by providing you with tools and knowledge to make informed decisions.

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What happens when you agree to buy a property?

Financial fees vary greatly, depending on such matters as what percentage of the property value that you will be borrowing, the amount of the loan, the amount of the purchase and which bank you are borrowing funds from.

Buying at auction avoids the often prolonged waiting of the traditional offer/counter-offer negotiation process and uncertainty of what another buyer may be offering. During an auction bids for the property are called in an open arena on a given day and time. If your bid is accepted you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you have purchased at true market value.

When you are ready to write up a contract, the next step is to decide on the price you wish to offer the seller and under what conditions you wish to make the offer.

Inspections of properties take time. We recommend you do not rush or disregard too quickly.
Try not to judge a property from the outside only. Some properties have little or no street appeal, but have much to offer inside. An inspection will confirm your first impression or will pleasantly surprise you.

Knowing your requirements early really helps us help you. Sometimes however, your circumstances and priorities can change. Often, we will check with you to ensure we remain on track.

Investing in real estate long term is one of the most secure and financially rewarding investments you can make.
We can make taking care of your investment easy.

It’s the season most people look forward to all year round & it is also the time where many prospective buyers brave the heat to look for their next home! If you’re thinking of selling, check out these great tips

We all have our own opinions when the best time to list a property is. It has been a long-held belief in the real estate world that the best time is in spring. There is definitely merit to this, but that doesn’t mean you should hold off listing your property as we come into autumn. 

If you’re planning on selling your home, the kitchen is a great place to start to add value. The kitchen is one of those spaces that can make or break the sale for many buyers, but before you make the decision to totally gut your kitchen and start again, here are some tips on how to get the best out of your existing kitchen without breaking the bank.

Decorating with indoor plants is a trend that just won't quit, and for good reason. They bring a home to life, purify the air and add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme. 

Check out this list of fairly low-maintenance indoor plants that love life on the inside.

Ready for the pantry of your dreams? Good news — it’s not as tough as you think it is! You don’t need fancy cabinets or expensive organisation systems to have an efficient kitchen. Here are some easy tips for organising your pantry so it is always looking clean and clutter free

Everyone can do their part for the planet. An eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t always need to be expensive or involve retrofitting your entire home – It’s as simple as changing your habits a little and finding a sustainable alternative to your everyday household products.

Try these tips for saving the earth and go a little greener in your home and everyday habits: